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Rexroth M-SR30KE50-1X/V Check valve

Rexroth M-SR30KE50-1X/V Check valve

Rexroth M-SR30KE50-1X/V Check valve

Product Details:

Place of Origin: Germany
Brand Name: Rexroth
Model Number: Rexroth Check valve M-SR30KE50-1X/V
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Detailed Product Description

Rexroth M-SR Series Check valve, Cartridge Type
Rexroth M-SR30KE50-1X/V Check valve
Sizes 6 to 30
Component series 1X
Maximum operating pressure 315 bar
Maximum flow 400 l/min
– For installation in manifold blocks
• as angle valve
• as straight valve
– Leak-free closure in one direction
– Various cracking pressures, optional
(see ordering code)
Rexroth M-SR Series Check valveRexroth M-SR30KE50-1X/V Check valve

Rexroth M-SR Series Check valve Model List:

R900301891 M-SR10KD05-1X/
R900301898 M-SR10KD15-1X/
R900356291 M-SR10KE00-1X/
R900484616 M-SR10KE00-1X/V
R900345745 M-SR10KE02-1X/
R900374787 M-SR10KE02-1X/V
R900344549 M-SR10KE05-1X/
R900348632 M-SR10KE05-1X/V
R900346857 M-SR10KE15-1X/
R900422425 M-SR10KE15-1X/V
R900346936 M-SR10KE30-1X/
R900361982 M-SR10KE50-1X/
R900346343 M-SR10KE50-1X/V
R900301892 M-SR15KD05-1X/
R900301899 M-SR15KD15-1X/
R900360254 M-SR15KE00-1X/
R900348943 M-SR15KE02-1X/
R900390429 M-SR15KE02-1X/V
R900345372 M-SR15KE05-1X/
R900350794 M-SR15KE05-1X/V
R900346858 M-SR15KE15-1X/
R900387662 M-SR15KE15-1X/V
R900346082 M-SR15KE30-1X/
R900348818 M-SR15KE50-1X/
R900301893 M-SR20KD05-1X/
R900350936 M-SR20KE00-1X/
R900382674 M-SR20KE00-1X/V
R900345744 M-SR20KE02-1X/
R900377614 M-SR20KE02-1X/V
R900340979 M-SR20KE05-1X/
R900350795 M-SR20KE05-1X/V
R900346859 M-SR20KE15-1X/
R900346638 M-SR20KE30-1X/
R900420865 M-SR20KE30-1X/V
R900348318 M-SR20KE50-1X/
R900301908 M-SR25KD30-1X/
R900361983 M-SR25KE00-1X/
R900357739 M-SR25KE02-1X/
R900593255 M-SR25KE02-1X/V
R900344778 M-SR25KE05-1X/
R900357445 M-SR25KE05-1X/V
R900348453 M-SR25KE15-1X/
R900500220 M-SR25KE15-1X/V
R900346391 M-SR25KE30-1X/
R900385859 M-SR25KE30-1X/V
R900351943 M-SR25KE50-1X/
R900356765 M-SR25KE50-1X/V
R900301895 M-SR30KD05-1X/
R900301902 M-SR30KD15-1X/
R900352608 M-SR30KE00-1X/
R900345743 M-SR30KE02-1X/
R900356970 M-SR30KE02-1X/V
R900344919 M-SR30KE05-1X/
R900350797 M-SR30KE05-1X/V
R900348666 M-SR30KE15-1X/
R900379888 M-SR30KE15-1X/V
R900345961 M-SR30KE30-1X/
R900356969 M-SR30KE30-1X/V
R900349973 M-SR30KE50-1X/
R900350796 M-SR30KE50-1X/V
R900365215 M-SR8KD02-1X/
R900301890 M-SR8KD05-1X/
R900361981 M-SR8KE00-1X/
R900357438 M-SR8KE02-1X/
R900361251 M-SR8KE02-1X/V
R900346083 M-SR8KE05-1X/
R900357718 M-SR8KE05-1X/V
R900348143 M-SR8KE15-1X/
R900397443 M-SR8KE15-1X/V
R900348329 M-SR8KE30-1X/
R900483387 M-SR8KE30-1X/V
R900356258 M-SR8KE50-1X/
R900430077 M-SR8KE50-1X/V





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