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Internormen 30643/44/46/47/48 Series Filter Elements

Internormen 30643/44/46/47/48 Series Filter Elements

Internormen 30643/44/46/47/48 Series Filter Elements

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Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Saar
Model Number: Internormen 30643/44/46/47/48 Series Filter Elements
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Welcome to "Saar Hydraulic", your one-stop hydraulics components resource. Our experienced team has a wealth of experience in supplying hydraulic pumps, valves,cylinders,filters,filter elements.


Filter element/Filterelement/фильтрующий элементInternormen 30643/44/46/47/48 Series Filter Elements

elemento de filtro/Elément filtrant

The media that we offer in the Internormen 30643/44/46/47/48 series absolutely loves dirt and contamination. In fact, Microglass has such strong feelings about dirt, that it captures, and retains, 99.9% of the contamination that passes through a filter with Microglass media. Our only concern when you use Microglass media is, that your hydraulic system will be unrecognizable clean and contaminant free. Don't worry though, we know that when this happens, you will be nothing but happy. We also know that your hydraulic system will be happy with its new state of cleanliness and its achieved ISO targets.
At "Saar Hydraulic" we insist on providing our customers with the highest quality of filtration products. As a result, all of our replacement elements are manufactured right here in China, under the most rigorous quality standards. Additionally, all of our filter elements carry ISO Standards and we fully guarantee all of our products.
We offer the below  Internormen 30643/44/46/47/48 Series:
Internormen 306439
Internormen 306439-3VG
Internormen 306443
Internormen 306444
Internormen 306465
Internormen 306466
Internormen 306467
Internormen 306467-40G
Internormen 306468
Internormen 306468-60G
Internormen 306469
Internormen 306469-100G
Internormen 306470
Internormen 306470-3VG
Internormen 306471
Internormen 306472
Internormen 306472-25G
Internormen 306473
Internormen 306473-40G
Internormen 306474
Internormen 306474-60G
Internormen 306475
Internormen 306475-100G
Internormen 306476
Internormen 306477
Internormen 306477-25G
Internormen 306478
Internormen 306478-40G
Internormen 306479
Internormen 306479-100G
Internormen 306482
Internormen 306482-3VG
Internormen 306483
Internormen 306483-25VG
Internormen 306484
Internormen 306485
Internormen 306485-25G
Internormen 306486
Internormen 306486-40G
Internormen 306487
Internormen 306487-60G
Internormen 306489
Internormen 306489-100G
Internormen 306491
Internormen 306492
Internormen 306492-25G
Internormen 306493
Internormen 306493-40G
Internormen 306494
Internormen 306494-60G
Internormen 306495
Internormen 306495-100G
Internormen 306496
Internormen 306497
Internormen 306497-100G


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