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HILCO PH718-40-CNV Filter Element

HILCO PH718-40-CNV Filter Element

    • HILCO PH718-40-CNV Filter Element
    • HILCO PH718-40-CNV Filter Element
    • HILCO PH718-40-CNV Filter Element
  • HILCO PH718-40-CNV Filter Element

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: USA
    Brand Name: HILCO
    Model Number: HILCO PH Series Filter Element PH718-40-CNV
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    Detailed Product Description

    HILCO PH718-40-CNV Filter Element
    HILCO’s PH Synthetic Filter Cartridges
    Changing from the old style, less efficient cellulose cartridges to a more efficient PH cartridge could
    result in an actual decrease in pressure drop. The PH cartridges have double screened, synthetic
    medias designed for high flows.
    The synthetic media used in the PH cartridges also makes it impervious to water. As a result, the
    cartridge is well suited for steam turbine lube and hydraulic oils.
    • Double screened, synthetic media designed for filtering.
    • Rigid pleat structure to withstand high cyclic and pulse flow fatigue.
    • The special synthetic media enables the cartridge to be used in a wide range of applications
    including those which would normally deteriorate a standard cellulose paper cartridge (i.e.,
    water exposure).
    HILCO’s PH Synthetic Filter Cartridges Nomenclature:
    HILCO PH718-40-CNV Filter Element
    HILCO’s PH Synthetic Filter Cartridges Part List:
    PH310-01-C PH518-16-CG
    PH310-01-CG PH518-20-C
    PH310-03-C PH518-20-CB
    PH310-03-CG PH518-20-CG
    PH310-03-CGV PH518-40-C
    PH310-05-C PH518-40-CG
    PH310-05-CG PH528-01-CG1
    PH310-10-C PH528-05-CG1
    PH310-10-CG PH528-12-CG1
    PH310-10-CGV PH530-03-CGV
    PH310-11-C PH530-12-CGV
    PH310-12-C PH618-11-CNN
    PH310-12-CG PH620-05-C
    PH310-12-CV PH620-10-C
    PH310-16-C PH620-12-C
    PH310-16-CG PH620-20-C
    PH310-16-CV PH620-40-C
    PH310-20-C PH630-16-CGV
    PH310-20-CG PH639-01-CV
    PH310-40-C PH639-03-C
    PH310-40-CG PH639-10-C
    PH312-01-CG PH639-12-C
    PH312-01-CGV PH639-40-C
    PH312-01-CGVHT PH718-01-CN
    PH312-03-CG PH718-01-CNB
    PH312-05-CG PH718-01-CNBF
    PH312-05-CGV PH718-01-CNF
    PH312-05-CGVHT PH718-01-CNV
    PH312-10-CG PH718-01-CNVGE
    PH312-11-CG PH718-01-CRN
    PH312-11-CGV PH718-01-CRNB
    PH312-12-CG PH718-01-CRNV
    PH312-12-CGVHT PH718-01-N
    PH312-16-CG PH718-01-NB
    PH312-16-CGV PH718-01-NF
    PH312-20-CG PH718-01-NV
    PH312-40-CG PH718-03-CN
    PH320-01-CG PH718-03-CNB
    PH320-03-CGVHT PH718-03-CNF
    PH320-11-CG PH718-03-CNV
    PH320-12-C PH718-03-CNVGE
    PH320-12-CGVHT PH718-03-CRN
    PH320-12-CV PH718-03-CRNB
    PH330-01-C PH718-03-CRNV
    PH330-10-C PH718-03-N
    PH330-12-BC PH718-03-NB
    PH330-12-C PH718-03-NF
    PH330-20-C PH718-03-NV
    PH330-40-C PH718-05-CN
    PH414-01-CG PH718-10-CN
    PH414-01-CGV PH718-11-CN
    PH414-03-CG PH718-11-CNVGE
    PH414-05-CG PH718-11-CRNGE
    PH414-05-CGV PH718-12-CN
    PH414-10-CG PH718-12-CNB
    PH414-10-CGVSSS PH718-12-CNF
    PH414-11-CG PH718-12-CNV
    PH414-11-CGVHT PH718-12-CRN
    PH414-12-CG PH718-12-CRNB
    PH414-14-CG PH718-12-CRNV
    PH414-16-CG PH718-12-N
    PH414-20-CG PH718-12-NB
    PH414-40-CG PH718-12-NV
    PH426-01-CG1V PH718-14-CN
    PH426-03-CG1V PH718-16-CN
    PH426-10-CG1V PH718-16-CNB
    PH426-11-CG1V PH718-16-CNBF
    PH426-12-CG1V PH718-16-CNF
    PH430-11-CGVGE PH718-20-CN
    PH439-05-CG1V PH718-20-CNB
    PH511-01-C PH718-20-CNBF
    PH511-01-CB PH718-20-CNV
    PH511-01-CG PH718-20-CRN
    PH511-01-CGV PH718-20-CRNB
    PH511-03-C PH718-20-CRNV
    PH511-03-CB PH718-20-N
    PH511-03-CF PH718-20-NB
    PH511-03-CG PH718-20-NBF
    PH511-03-CGV PH718-20-NF
    PH511-03-CSP PH718-20-NV
    PH511-05-C PH718-40-CN
    PH511-05-CB PH718-40-CNB
    PH511-05-CG PH718-40-CNBF
    PH511-05-CGS PH718-40-CNF
    PH511-05-CGV PH718-40-CNV
    PH511-10-C PH718-40-CRN
    PH511-10-CB PH718-40-CRNB
    PH511-10-CF PH718-40-CRNV
    PH511-10-CG PH718-40-N
    PH511-10-CGV PH718-40-NB
    PH511-11-C PH718-40-NV
    PH511-11-CG PH720-01-CG
    PH511-12-C PH720-01-CGN
    PH511-12-CG PH720-01-CGVSSN
    PH511-12-CGV PH720-03-CG
    PH511-14-C PH720-05-CG
    PH511-16-C PH720-10-CG
    PH511-20-C PH720-11-CG
    PH511-20-CB PH720-12-CG
    PH511-20-CG PH720-12-CGV
    PH511-20-CGV PH720-12-CGW
    PH511-40-C PH720-16-CG
    PH511-40-CB PH720-16-CGV
    PH511-40-CG PH720-20-CG
    PH511-40-CGV PH720-40-CG
    PH518-01-C PH730-01-CG1VGE
    PH518-01-CB PH736-01-CN
    PH518-01-CG PH736-01-CNBF
    PH518-01-CGV PH736-03-CN
    PH518-01-CGVHT PH736-10-CNBF
    PH518-01-CGVSSS PH736-12-CN
    PH518-01-CV PH736-12-CNB
    PH518-01-CVSSS PH736-40-CNB
    PH518-03-C PH736-40-CNBF
    PH518-03-CB PH739-01-CG
    PH518-03-CG PH739-01-CGEPEDM
    PH518-03-CGV PH739-01-CGTEF
    PH518-05-C PH739-01-CGV
    PH518-05-CB PH739-01-CGVSSS
    PH518-05-CG PH739-03-CG
    PH518-05-CX PH739-03-CGV
    PH518-10-C PH739-05-CG
    PH518-10-CB PH739-05-CGV
    PH518-10-CG PH739-10-CG
    PH518-10-CV PH739-10-CGV
    PH518-11-C PH739-10-CGVSSS
    PH518-11-CG PH739-11-CG
    PH518-11-CGN PH739-11-CG1VGE
    PH518-11-CGV PH739-12-CG
    PH518-11-CGVSSS PH739-12-CGV
    PH518-12-C PH739-14-CG
    PH518-12-CB PH739-16-CG
    PH518-12-CF PH739-16-CGV
    PH518-12-CG PH739-20-CG
    PH518-12-CGV PH739-40-CG
    PH518-14-C PH818-11-CGW
    PH518-14-CG PH818-12-CGW
    PH518-14-CGV PH820-03-CGGE
    PH518-16-C PH830-12-CGW


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