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Low-pressure Variable Vane Pumps VHO series

Low-pressure Variable Vane Pumps VHO series

Low-pressure Variable Vane Pumps VHO series

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Saar
Model Number: VHO-08,VHO-12,VHO-15,VHO-20
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Detailed Product Description

Welcome to "Saar Hydraulic", your one-stop hydraulics resource. 

VHO only for the needs of the hydraulic oil and the circuit design.
2, low variable vane pump circuit VHO can improve efficiency, lower noise, lower oil temperature, so that the input of energy into effective power, to achieve power savings purposes.
3, low variable vane pump VHO for grinding machines, automatic lathes, machine tools, shoe machinery, and various other special machines or single-energy machine.
  ①  ②  ③  ④
① serial number Serial Nunber
② assembly type Assemble model L: Foot Foot Type F: Flange Frange Type
③ discharge quantity Delivery capacity
④ pressure adjustment range Range of Adjusting A1: 15-70 kg / cm ² A2: 70-140 kg / cm ²
Instructions of usage:
1, the general variable vane pump in a closed circuit VHO prevail.
2, the motor shaft axis with variable vane pump VHO using coupling assembly, balance need 0.05.mm error less than the angle error to be within 1 °.
3, install variable vane pump suction oil filter is recommended when VHO 100 to 150 mesh, diameter depending on the actual VHO variable vane pump discharge amount may be, the assembly shall be higher than the bottom of the tank 5 to 10 cm.
4, Recommended hydraulic oil are: a, variable vane pump VHO Working pressure below 70KG/cm ², the hydraulic oil viscosity 30 ~ 50cts (ISO VG32) is more suitable working conditions. b, variable vane pump working pressure is higher than VHO 70KG/cm ², the hydraulic oil viscosity 50 ~ 70cts (ISO VG32) is more suitable working conditions.
5, the variable vane pump VHO continuous operating temperature of the hydraulic oil used should be maintained at 30 ~ 60 ℃, below 15 ℃, please use the heater, more than 60 ℃, please use the cooler.
6, to reduce inhalation resistance, variable inlet vane pump VHO Do not be too high oil surface one meter.
7, start the variable vane pump VHO, first note that the electric motor with variable vane pump VHO should turn in the same direction, so that the motor rotates slowly segmented pressure until desired pressure.
Model No.             Max. Pressure     
      Output Flow     

       Ports Size          






OUT    IN       DR      Min     Max    





VHO-F-08 70 08 3/8" 1/2" 1/4" 900 1800 6 5
VHO-F-10 10
VHO-F-12 12
VHO-F-15 15
VHO-F-20 20



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