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Denison T6D-028-1R00-C1 Single Vane Pumps

Denison T6D-028-1R00-C1 Single Vane Pumps

Denison T6D-028-1R00-C1  Single Vane Pumps

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Denison
Model Number: T6D-028-1R00-C1
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Detailed Product Description

Denison Pumps

Denison T6D-028-1R00-C1  Single Vane Pumps

Welcome to "Saar Hydraulic", your one-stop hydraulics and Denison pumps resource.

Parker Hannifin, formerly Denison Hydraulics, is a leading industrial manufacturer providing highly engineered hydraulic fluid power systems and hydraulic components. Denison Hydraulics products have a multitude of applications: from mobile equipment used in the construction, demolition, agricultural, mining and utilities industries to machinery used in industrial manufacturing and marine equipment used in both commercial and military sea vessels. For more information on Denison pumps and hydraulics visit their page on our main website here.

Denison Hydraulics produce a full range of hydraulic vane pumps and hydraulic motors that operate at pressures in excess of 4,500 pounds per square inch (“psi”) and vary in size from 0.35 cubic inches to 16 cubic inches, and in displacement from 1 to 250 gallons per minute (“gpm”). Denison Hydraulics hydraulic vane pumps are recognized for their strength and are distinguished by their unique patented double-lip design, in which the vane is in contact with the cam ring at two points rather than at one as with the single-lip design. This double-lip design makes Parker Hannifin HPD’s hydraulic vane pumps less susceptible to contamination than single-lip pumps.

Denison T6D-028-1R00-C1  Single Vane Pumps    Denison T6D-028-1R00-C1  Single Vane Pumps

Denison single vane pumps are manufactured in the following configurations:

  • T6B, T7B, T6C, T6D, T6E, T6CM, T6CP, T6DM, T6EM, T6CR, T6DR, T6ER and T6CSH single Denison pumps


Series Size Delivery Speed Pressure bar Min Port Pressure
ml/rev rpm Max Rated  
T6C 003 10.8 600~2800 280 240 0.80
005 17.2
006 21.3
008 26.4
010 34.1
012 37.1
014 46
017 58.3
020 63.8
022 70.3
025 79.3 800~2500
028 88.8 210 180
031 100
T6D 014 47.6 600~2500 240 210 0.80
020 66
024 79.5
028 89.7
031 98.3
035 111
038 120.3
042 136 600~2200
045 145.7 0.85
050 158 210 160
061 190.5 600~1800 120 80
T6E 042 132.3 800~2200 240 210 0.80
045 142.4
050 158.5
052 164.8
062 196.7 0.85
066 213.3 0.95
072 227.1



The stock list available:
T6C-003-1R01-A1 T6D-031-2R01-B1
T6C-006-2R00-C1 T6D-031-2R02-B1
T6C-008-1R01-B1 T6D-035-1L00-B1
T6C-008-2R00-B1  T6D-035-1R00-C1
T6C-008-2R01-B1  T6D-035-1R01-B1
T6C-008-2R02-B1  T6D-035-2R00-B1
T6C-008-3R02-B1  T6D-035-2R00-C1
T6C-010-1L00-B1  T6D-038-1R00-C1
T6C-010-1R01-B1  T6D-038-2R00-C1
T6C-010-2R01-B1  T6D-042-1R00-C1
T6C-010-2R02-B1  T6D-042-1R01-B1
T6C-012-1L01-B1  T6D-042-2R00-C1
T6C-014-1R00-B1 T6D-042-2R02-B1
T6C-014-1R00-C1 T6D-045-1R00-C1
T6C-014-1R02-B1 T6D-045-2R00-C1
T6C-014-1R02-B1  T6D-045-2R01-B1
T6C-014-2L01-B1  T6D-050-1R00-C1
T6C-014-2R02-B1 T6D-050-2R00-C1
T6C-014-2R02-B1  T6D-050-2R02-B1
T6C-017-1L00-B1 T6D-050-2R02-B1 
T6C-017-1R00-B1  T6D-B38-1R00-B1
T6C-017-1R02-B1  T6E-042-1R00-C1
T6C-017-2R01-B1  T6E-042-1R01-A1
T6C-017-3R00-B1  T6E-042-2R00-C1
T6C-017-3R01-B1  T6E-045-1R00-C1
T6C-020-1R00-B1  T6E-045-2R00-C1
T6C-020-1R00-C1 T6E-050-1R00-A1
T6C-020-1R02-B1  T6E-050-1R00-A5
T6C-020-2R00-B1 T6E-050-1R00-C1
T6C-020-2R00-C1 T6E-050-2R00-C1
T6C-020-2R01-B1  T6E-052-1R00-C1
T6C-02-1R00-B1  T6E-052-1R02-A1
T6C-02-1R02-B1  T6E-052-1R03-A1 
T6C-02-1R03-B1  T6E-052-2R00-C1
T6C-022-2R00-C1 T6E-062-1L01-A1
T6C-025-1R00-B1  T6E-062-1R00-A1
T6C-025-1R01-B1  T6E-062-1R00-C1
T6C-025-1R02-B1  T6E-062-1R01-A1
T6C-025-1R03-B1  T6E-062-1R01-B1
T6C-028-1R00-B1  T6E-062-1R03-A1
T6C-028-1R02-A1 T6E-062-2R00-C1
T6C-028-2R01-B1  T6E-062-3L02-A1
T6C-031-1R00-B1 T6E-066-1L02-A1
T6C-031-1R00-B1  T6E-066-1R00-A1
T6C-031-1R03-B1 T6E-066-1R00-C1
T6C-031-1R03-B1  T6E-066-1R01-A1
T6C-031-2R00-B1 T6E-066-1R02-A1
T6C-031-2R00-B1  T6E-066-2R00-C1
T6C-031-2R01-B1 T6E-066-2R02-A1
T6D-014-2R00-C1 T6E-072-1L00-A1
T6D-014-3R00-B1 T6E-072-1L01-A1
T6D-017-1R00-C1 T6E-072-1R00-A1
T6D-017-2R00-C1 T6E-072-1R00-C1
T6D-020-1R00-C1 T6E-072-1R01-A1
T6D-020-1R01-B5 T6E-072-1R02-A1
T6D-020-2R00-C1 T6E-072-2R00-C1
T6D-024-1R00-C1 T6E-072-3R02-A1
T6D-024-2R00-C1 T6E-072-3R02-A1 
T6D-028-1R00-C1 T6E-072-3R03-A1
T6D-031-1R00-C1 T6E-085-1R00-C1
T6D-031-2R00-C1 T6E-085-2R00-C1

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