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Z Series Cylindrical Gear Reducer ZDY80-2.8

Z Series Cylindrical Gear Reducer ZDY80-2.8

Z Series Cylindrical Gear Reducer ZDY80-2.8

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Saar
Model Number: Z Series Cylindrical Gear Reducer ZDY80-2.8
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Detailed Product Description

Z Series Cylindrical Gear Reducer
Z Series Cylindrical Gear Reducer ZDY80-2.8
Cyclinder Gearbox Reducer Summary:
This product is cylindrical gear hard surface speed reducer as Chinese standard JB/T8853‐2001.It is widely
applied to the fields of metallurgy, mines, hoisting, transportation, cement, architecture, chemical, textile, printing and
dyeing, pharmaceutical, etc.
The suitable scope of speed reducer is as follows:
1.The rotation of high speed shaft should not be more than 1500rpm;
2.The circumferential velocity of gear transmission should not be more than 20,/sec;
3.The temperature of work environment should be ‐40‐45℃. If it below 0℃, before start, the lubricating oil should be
pre‐heated to above 0℃. This speed reducer can be run at clockwise and counterclockwise direction.
1.The gear is made of high strength low carbon alloy steel through carburization and quenching. The hardness of tooth
surface may reach to HRC58‐62. All gear adapts NC tooth grinding process, high in accuracy and good in contact
2.Highly transmission efficiency: single stage, more than 96.5%; double‐stage, more than 93%; three‐stage, more 90%;
3.Smooth and stable in run, low noise;
4.Compact, light, long life, high bearing capacity;.Easy to disassemble, inspect and assemble.
Type, specification of speed reducer and its expressed method
1. The type including:
ZDY  Single‐stage cylindrical gear speed reducer
ZLY  Double‐stage cylindrical gear speed reducer
ZSY  Three‐stage cylindrical gear speed reducer
ZFY  Four‐stage cylindrical gear speed reducer
Single stage:80,100,125,160,200,250,280,315,355,400,450,500,560;
Two‐stage:112,125,140,160,180,200,224,250,280,315,355,400,450, 500,560,630,710;
Three‐stage:160,180,200,224,250,280,315,355,400,450,500,560,630, 710;
3. Model 
 -Single stage:   ZDY80, ZDY100, ZDY125, ZDY160, ZDY200, ZDY250, ZDY280, ZDY315, ZDY355, ZDY400, ZDY 450, ZDY500, ZDY560;

  -Two-stages:    ZLY112, ZLY125, ZLY140, ZLY160, ZLY180, ZLY200, ZLY224, ZLY250, ZLY280, ZLY315, ZLY355,ZLY400, ZLY450, ZLY500, ZLY560, ZLY630, ZLY710;

  -Three-stages:  ZSY160, ZSY180, ZSY200, ZSY224, ZSY250, ZSY280, ZSY315, ZSY355, ZSY400, ZSY450,ZSY500,ZSY560, ZSY630, ZSY710;

  -Four-stages:   ZFY180, ZFY200, ZFY225, ZFY250, ZFY280, ZFY320, ZFY360, ZFY400, ZFY450, ZFY500, ZFY560,ZFY630, ZFY710, ZFY800

Z Series Cylindrical Gear Reducer Ordering Code:
Z Series Cylindrical Gear Reducer ZDY80-2.8
Z Series Cylindrical Gear Reducer Model List:
ZDY100-1.25 ZLY112-10 ZSY160-100
ZDY100-1.4 ZLY112-11.2 ZSY160-22.4
ZDY100-1.6 ZLY112-12.5 ZSY160-25
ZDY100-1.8 ZLY112-14 ZSY160-28
ZDY100-2 ZLY112-16 ZSY160-31.5
ZDY100-2.4 ZLY112-18 ZSY160-35.5
ZDY100-2.5 ZLY112-20 ZSY160-40
ZDY100-2.8 ZLY112-6.3 ZSY160-45
ZDY100-3.15 ZLY112-7.1 ZSY160-50
ZDY100-3.55 ZLY112-8 ZSY160-56
ZDY100-4 ZLY112-9 ZSY160-63
ZDY100-4.5 ZLY125-10 ZSY160-71
ZDY100-5 ZLY125-11.2 ZSY160-80
ZDY100-5.6 ZLY125-12.5 ZSY160-90
ZDY125-1.25 ZLY125-14 ZSY180-100
ZDY125-1.4 ZLY125-16 ZSY180-22.4
ZDY125-1.6 ZLY125-18 ZSY180-25
ZDY125-1.8 ZLY125-20 ZSY180-28
ZDY125-2 ZLY125-6.3 ZSY180-31.5
ZDY125-2.24 ZLY125-7.1 ZSY180-35.5
ZDY125-2.5 ZLY125-8 ZSY180-40
ZDY125-2.8 ZLY125-9 ZSY180-45
ZDY125-3.15 ZLY140-10 ZSY180-50
ZDY125-3.55 ZLY140-11.2 ZSY180-56
ZDY125-4 ZLY140-12.5 ZSY180-63
ZDY125-4.5 ZLY140-14 ZSY180-71
ZDY125-5 ZLY140-16 ZSY180-80
ZDY125-5.6 ZLY140-18 ZSY180-90
ZDY160-1.25 ZLY140-20 ZSY200-100
ZDY160-1.4 ZLY140-6.3 ZSY200-22.4
ZDY160-1.6 ZLY140-7.1 ZSY200-25
ZDY160-1.8 ZLY140-8 ZSY200-28
ZDY160-2 ZLY140-9 ZSY200-31.5
ZDY160-2.24 ZLY160-10 ZSY200-35.5
ZDY160-2.5 ZLY160-11.2 ZSY200-40
ZDY160-2.8 ZLY160-12.5 ZSY200-45
ZDY160-3.15 ZLY160-14 ZSY200-50
ZDY160-3.55 ZLY160-16 ZSY200-56
ZDY160-4 ZLY160-18 ZSY200-63
ZDY160-5 ZLY160-20 ZSY200-71
ZDY160-5.6 ZLY160-6.3 ZSY200-80
ZDY200-1.25 ZLY160-7.1 ZSY200-90
ZDY200-1.4 ZLY160-8 ZSY224-100
ZDY200-1.6 ZLY160-9 ZSY224-22.4
ZDY200-1.8 ZLY180-10 ZSY224-25
ZDY200-2 ZLY180-11.2 ZSY224-28
ZDY200-2.24 ZLY180-12.5 ZSY224-31.5
ZDY200-2.5 ZLY180-14 ZSY224-35.5
ZDY200-2.8 ZLY180-16 ZSY224-40
ZDY200-3.15 ZLY180-18 ZSY224-45
ZDY200-3.55 ZLY180-20 ZSY224-50
ZDY200-4 ZLY180-6.3 ZSY224-56
ZDY200-4.5 ZLY180-7.1 ZSY224-63
ZDY200-5 ZLY180-8 ZSY224-71
ZDY200-5.6 ZLY180-9 ZSY224-80
ZDY250-1.25 ZLY200-10 ZSY224-90
ZDY250-1.4 ZLY200-11.2 ZSY250-100
ZDY250-1.6 ZLY200-12.5 ZSY250-22.4
ZDY250-1.8 ZLY200-14 ZSY250-25
ZDY250-2 ZLY200-16 ZSY250-28
ZDY250-2.24 ZLY200-18 ZSY250-31.5
ZDY250-2.5 ZLY200-20 ZSY250-35.5
ZDY250-2.8 ZLY200-6.3 ZSY250-40
ZDY250-3.15 ZLY200-7.1 ZSY250-45
ZDY250-3.55 ZLY200-8 ZSY250-56
ZDY250-4 ZLY200-9 ZSY250-63
ZDY250-4.5 ZLY224-10 ZSY250-71
ZDY250-5 ZLY224-11.2 ZSY250-80
ZDY250-5.6 ZLY224-12.5 ZSY250-90
ZDY280-1.25 ZLY224-14 ZSY25-50
ZDY280-1.4 ZLY224-16 ZSY280-100
ZDY280-1.6 ZLY224-18 ZSY280-22.4
ZDY280-1.8 ZLY224-20 ZSY280-25
ZDY280-2 ZLY224-6.3 ZSY280-28
ZDY280-2.24 ZLY224-7.1 ZSY280-31.5
ZDY280-2.5 ZLY224-8 ZSY280-35.5
ZDY280-2.8 ZLY224-9 ZSY280-40
ZDY280-3.15 ZLY250-10 ZSY280-45
ZDY280-3.55 ZLY250-11.2 ZSY280-50
ZDY280-4 ZLY250-12.5 ZSY280-56
ZDY280-4.5 ZLY250-14 ZSY280-63
ZDY280-5 ZLY250-16 ZSY280-71
ZDY280-5.6 ZLY250-18 ZSY280-80
ZDY315-1.25 ZLY250-20 ZSY280-90
ZDY315-1.4 ZLY250-6.3 ZSY315-100
ZDY315-1.6 ZLY250-7.1 ZSY315-22.4
ZDY315-1.8 ZLY250-8 ZSY315-25
ZDY315-2 ZLY250-9 ZSY315-28
ZDY315-2.24 ZLY280-10 ZSY315-31.5
ZDY315-2.5 ZLY280-11.2 ZSY315-35.5
ZDY315-2.8 ZLY280-12.5 ZSY315-40
ZDY315-3.15 ZLY280-14 ZSY315-45
ZDY315-3.55 ZLY280-16 ZSY315-50
ZDY315-4 ZLY280-18 ZSY315-56
ZDY315-4.5 ZLY280-20 ZSY315-63
ZDY315-5 ZLY280-6.3 ZSY315-71
ZDY315-5.6 ZLY280-7.1 ZSY315-80
ZDY355-1.25 ZLY280-8 ZSY315-90
ZDY355-1.4 ZLY280-9 ZSY355-100
ZDY355-1.6 ZLY315-10 ZSY355-22.4
ZDY355-1.8 ZLY315-11.2 ZSY355-25
ZDY355-2 ZLY315-12.5 ZSY355-28
ZDY355-2.24 ZLY315-14 ZSY355-31.5
ZDY355-2.5 ZLY315-16 ZSY355-35.5
ZDY355-2.8 ZLY315-18 ZSY355-40
ZDY355-3.15 ZLY315-20 ZSY355-45
ZDY355-3.55 ZLY315-6.3 ZSY355-50
ZDY355-4 ZLY315-7.1 ZSY355-56
ZDY355-4.5 ZLY315-8 ZSY355-63
ZDY355-5 ZLY315-9 ZSY355-71
ZDY355-5.6 ZLY355-10 ZSY355-80
ZDY360-4.5 ZLY355-11.2 ZSY355-90
ZDY400-1.25 ZLY355-12.5 ZSY400-100
ZDY400-1.4 ZLY355-14 ZSY400-22.4
ZDY400-1.6 ZLY355-16 ZSY400-25
ZDY400-1.8 ZLY355-18 ZSY400-28
ZDY400-2 ZLY355-20 ZSY400-31.5
ZDY400-2.24 ZLY355-6.3 ZSY400-35.5
ZDY400-2.5 ZLY355-7.1 ZSY400-40
ZDY400-2.8 ZLY355-8 ZSY400-45
ZDY400-3.15 ZLY355-9 ZSY400-50
ZDY400-3.55 ZLY400-10 ZSY400-56
ZDY400-4 ZLY400-11.2 ZSY400-63
ZDY400-4.5 ZLY400-12.5 ZSY400-71
ZDY400-5 ZLY400-14 ZSY400-80
ZDY400-5.6 ZLY400-16 ZSY400-90
ZDY450-1.25 ZLY400-18 ZSY450-100
ZDY450-1.4 ZLY400-20 ZSY450-22.4
ZDY450-1.6 ZLY400-6.3 ZSY450-25
ZDY450-1.8 ZLY400-7.1 ZSY450-28
ZDY450-2 ZLY400-8 ZSY450-31.5
ZDY450-2.24 ZLY400-9 ZSY450-35.5
ZDY450-2.5 ZLY450-10 ZSY450-40
ZDY450-2.8 ZLY450-11.2 ZSY450-45
ZDY450-3.15 ZLY450-12.5 ZSY450-50
ZDY450-3.55 ZLY450-14 ZSY450-56
ZDY450-4 ZLY450-16 ZSY450-63
ZDY450-4.5 ZLY450-18 ZSY450-71
ZDY450-5 ZLY450-20 ZSY450-80
ZDY450-5.6 ZLY450-6.3 ZSY450-90
ZDY500-1.25 ZLY450-7.1 ZSY500-100
ZDY500-1.4 ZLY450-8 ZSY500-22.4
ZDY500-1.6 ZLY450-9 ZSY500-25
ZDY500-1.8 ZLY500-10 ZSY500-28
ZDY500-2 ZLY500-11.2 ZSY500-31.5
ZDY500-2.24 ZLY500-12.5 ZSY500-35.5
ZDY500-2.5 ZLY500-14 ZSY500-40
ZDY500-2.8 ZLY500-16 ZSY500-45
ZDY500-3.15 ZLY500-18 ZSY500-50
ZDY500-3.55 ZLY500-20 ZSY500-56
ZDY500-4 ZLY500-6.3 ZSY500-63
ZDY500-4.5 ZLY500-7.1 ZSY500-71
ZDY500-5 ZLY500-8 ZSY500-80
ZDY500-5.6 ZLY500-9 ZSY500-90
ZDY560-1.25 ZLY560-10 ZSY560-100
ZDY560-1.4 ZLY560-11.2 ZSY560-22.4
ZDY560-1.6 ZLY560-12.5 ZSY560-25
ZDY560-1.8 ZLY560-14 ZSY560-28
ZDY560-2 ZLY560-16 ZSY560-31.5
ZDY560-2.24 ZLY560-18 ZSY560-35.5
ZDY560-2.5 ZLY560-20 ZSY560-40
ZDY560-2.8 ZLY560-6.3 ZSY560-45
ZDY560-3.15 ZLY560-7.1 ZSY560-50
ZDY560-3.55 ZLY560-8 ZSY560-56
ZDY560-4 ZLY560-9 ZSY560-63
ZDY560-4.5 ZLY630-10 ZSY560-71
ZDY560-5 ZLY630-11.2 ZSY560-80
ZDY560-5.6 ZLY630-12.5 ZSY560-90
ZDY80-1.25 ZLY630-14 ZSY630-100
ZDY80-1.4 ZLY630-16 ZSY630-22.4
ZDY80-1.6 ZLY630-18 ZSY630-25
ZDY80-1.8 ZLY630-20 ZSY630-28
ZDY80-2 ZLY630-6.3 ZSY630-31.5
ZDY80-2.24 ZLY630-7.1 ZSY630-35.5
ZDY80-2.5 ZLY630-8 ZSY630-40
ZDY80-2.8 ZLY630-9 ZSY630-45
ZDY80-3.15 ZLY710-10 ZSY630-50
ZDY80-3.55 ZLY710-11.2 ZSY630-56
ZDY80-4 ZLY710-12.5 ZSY630-63
ZDY80-4.5 ZLY710-14 ZSY630-71
ZDY80-5 ZLY710-16 ZSY630-80
ZDY80-5.6 ZLY710-18 ZSY630-90
  ZLY710-20 ZSY710-100
  ZLY710-6.3 ZSY710-22.4
  ZLY710-7.1 ZSY710-25
  ZLY710-8 ZSY710-28
  ZLY710-9 ZSY710-31.5


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