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QT4123-63-5F QT Series Double Gear Pump

QT4123-63-5F QT Series Double Gear Pump

QT4123-63-5F QT Series Double Gear Pump

Product Details:

Place of Origin: JP
Brand Name: Sumitomo
Model Number: QT Series Double Gear Pump QT4123-63-5F
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Detailed Product Description

SUMITOMO QT pumps feature special internal gears that offer the advantages of low pressure ripples and low noise. Our customers have chosen these units for an increasing number of applications such as injection molding machines, precision industrial presses, and a wide range of hydraulic equipment. These pumps accommodate flexible operation over a wide speed range and are highly energy-efficient when the optimum rotating speed is maintained.

QT Series Double Gear Pump


Ordering Code:


QT 51 43 - 80 - 20 F - * - A


QT--- QT series pump
51--- Pump I Size
43--- Pump II Size
80--- Pump I Theoretical flow
20--- Pump II Theoretical flow
F--- Port II position 
     Ormit: Standard
     F: Pump II port position Rotate 180 °
*--- Optional
A--- Design No.
SUMITOMO QT Series Double Gear Pump Stock List:
QT2222-4-4-A QT4323-31.5-5F
QT2222-4-5-A QT4323-31.5-6.3F
QT2222-4-6.3-A QT4323-31.5-8F
QT2222-5-4F QT5133-100-10F
QT2222-5-5-A QT5133-100-12.5F
QT2222-6.3-4F QT5133-100-16F
QT2222-6.3-6.3-A QT5133-125-10F
QT2222-8-4F QT5133-125-12.5F
QT2222-8-6.3F QT5133-125-16F
QT2222-8-8-A QT5133-80-10F
QT2323-4-4-A QT5133-80-12.5F
QT2323-5-5-A QT5133-80-16F
QT2323-6.3-6.3-A QT5143-100-20F
QT2323-6.3-6.3MN-S1162-A QT5143-100-25F
QT2323-8-8-A QT5143-100-31.5F
QT2323-9-9MN-S1160-A QT5143-125-20F
QT3222-10-4F QT5143-125-25F
QT3222-10-5F QT5143-125-31.5F
QT3222-10-6.3F QT5143-80-20F
QT3222-10-8F QT5143-80-25F
QT3222-12.5-4F QT5143-80-31.5F
QT3222-12.5-5F QT5223-40-4F
QT3222-12.5-6.3F QT5223-40-5F
QT3222-12.5-8F QT5223-40-6.3F
QT3222-16-4F QT5223-40-8F
QT3222-16-5F QT5223-50-4F
QT3222-16-6.3F QT5223-50-5F
QT3222-16-8F QT5223-50-6.3F
QT3223-10-4F QT5223-50-8F
QT3223-10-5F QT5223-63-4F
QT3223-10-6.3F QT5223-63-5F
QT3223-10-8F QT5223-63-6.3F
QT3223-12.5-4F QT5223-63-8F
QT3223-12.5-5F QT5242-40-20F
QT3223-12.5-6.3F QT5242-40-25F
QT3223-12.5-8F QT5242-40-31.5F
QT3223-16-4F QT5242-50-20F
QT3223-16-5F QT5242-50-25F
QT3223-16-6.3F QT5242-50-31.5F
QT3223-16-8F QT5242-63-20F
QT4123-40-4F QT5242-63-25F
QT4123-40-5F QT5242-63-31.5F
QT4123-40-6.3F QT5243-40-20F
QT4123-40-8F QT5243-40-25F
QT4123-50-4F QT5243-40-31.5F
QT4123-50-5F QT5243-50-20F
QT4123-50-6.3F QT5243-50-25F
QT4123-50-8F QT5243-50-31.5F
QT4123-63-4F QT5243-63-20F
QT4123-63-5F QT5243-63-25A
QT4123-63-6.3F QT5243-63-25F
QT4123-63-8F QT5243-63-31.5F
QT4222-20-4F QT5252-50-40F
QT4222-20-5F QT5252-63-40F
QT4222-20-6.3F QT5252-63-50F
QT4222-20-8F QT5333-40-10F
QT4222-25-4F QT5333-40-12.5F
QT4222-25-5F QT5333-40-16F
QT4222-25-6.3F QT5333-50-10F
QT4222-25-8F QT5333-50-12.5F
QT4222-31.5-4F QT5333-50-16F
QT4222-31.5-5F QT5333-63-10F
QT4222-31.5-6.3F QT5333-63-12.5F
QT4222-31.5-8F QT5333-63-16F
QT4223-20-4F QT6123-160-4F
QT4223-20-5F QT6123-160-5F
QT4223-20-6.3F QT6123-160-6.3F
QT4223-20-8F QT6123-160-8F
QT4223-25-4F QT6123-200-4F
QT4223-25-5F QT6123-200-5F
QT4223-25-6.3F QT6123-200-6.3F
QT4223-25-8F QT6123-200-8F
QT4223-31.5-4F QT6123-250-4F
QT4223-31.5-5F QT6123-250-5F
QT4223-31.5-6.3F QT6123-250-6.3F
QT4223-31.5-8F QT6123-250-8F
QT4232-20-10F QT6143-160-20F
QT4232-20-12.5F QT6143-160-25F
QT4232-20-16F QT6143-160-31.5F
QT4232-25-10F QT6143-200-20F
QT4232-25-12.5F QT6143-200-25F
QT4232-25-16F QT6143-200-31.5F
QT4232-31.5-10F QT6143-250-20F
QT4232-31.5-12.5F QT6143-250-25F
QT4232-31.5-16F QT6143-250-31.5F
QT4233-20-10F QT6153-160-40F
QT4233-20-12.5F QT6153-160-50F
QT4233-20-16F QT6153-160-63F
QT4233-25-10F QT6153-200-40F
QT4233-25-12.5F QT6153-200-50F
QT4233-25-16F QT6153-200-63F
QT4233-31.5-10F QT6153-250-40F
QT4233-31.5-12.5F QT6153-250-50F
QT4233-31.5-16F QT6153-250-63F
QT4242-25-20F QT6222-100-4F
QT4242-31.5-20F QT6222-100-5F
QT4242-31.5-25F QT6222-100-6.3F
QT4322-20-4F QT6222-100-8F
QT4322-20-5F QT6222-125-4F
QT4322-20-6.3F QT6222-125-5F
QT4322-20-8F QT6222-125-6.3F
QT4322-25-4F QT6222-125-8F
QT4322-25-5F QT6222-80-4F
QT4322-25-6.3F QT6222-80-5F
QT4322-25-8F QT6222-80-6.3F
QT4322-31.5-4F QT6222-80-8F
QT4322-31.5-5F QT6253-100-40F
QT4322-31.5-6.3F QT6253-100-50F
QT4322-31.5-8F QT6253-100-63F
QT4323-20-4F QT6253-125-40F
QT4323-20-5F QT6253-125-50F
QT4323-20-6.3F QT6253-125-63F
QT4323-20-8F QT6253-80-40F
QT4323-25-4F QT6253-80-50F
QT4323-25-5F QT6253-80-63F
QT4323-25-6.3F QT6262-100-80F
QT4323-25-8F QT6262-125-100F
QT4323-31.5-4F QT6262-125-80F


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